Learning to Communicate Effectively

At CELT, we understand English learners come from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds and continually assess the individual needs of our students.

We put a special emphasis on improving the student’s ability to communicate effectively through the use of pair and group work, role-play, guided class discussions, situational dialogues, etc. Homework is given regularly on all courses to help students revise and consolidate what is learnt during the lessons.

Lessons are based on a mix of the latest textbooks and a wide range of supplementary resources chosen by our teaching team. Themes relating to various aspects of British culture are integrated into the teaching programme to help students appreciate the cultural background of Wales and Britain while also improving their English.

All courses at CELT cover the following linguistic aspects:

  • Grammatical structures
  • Vocabulary development
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Pronunciation
  • Learner training & Study Skills

Classes tend to be small particularly during the winter months, giving students every opportunity to practise and improve their English with the maximum personal attention from our teachers. With an average adult class size of 7 to 8 students (maximum 12) and 10-12 for young learners (maximum 16), students’ progress is monitored closely by our teaching staff to ensure students take full advantage of their time with us.

By the end of their course, students will have improved their command of English and developed their confidence in using the language.