Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

  • January 2020: Concerned conversations about coronavirus and what-if questions asked about it reaching Europe.  
  • April 2020: The realisation that UK-based summer schools may well not happen to their usual scale, if at all.  
  • September 2020: Predictions of the imminent collapse of UK ELT should furlough come to an end.  
  • December 2020: Hope for 2021 and some form of recovery.  
  • March 2021: Still in lockdown and for CELT at least, very much still here. 

To use the cliché, the last 12 months have been a period of unprecedented change and unprecedented business challengesCELT’s students have now been learning online for a year and we have seen changes not just in how we teach but what we teach. General English and IELTS preparation courses continue, online, but with a reduced numberour junior centre is quiet as we wait for closed group courses to begin again 


And it is a very big but.  

We are positive. Very positive.  

Medical English and teacher training have, from almost nowhere, become a mainstay of CELT’s operations. We would never have predicted that a year ago. We have seen a real expansion in the demand for OET Occupational English courses online and are delighted to be supporting NHS Health Board Trusts in the UK and helping individual doctors and nurses to achieve their OET dreams. We are about to start a medical English course for university students in Italy and since the middle of January, we have been supporting bilingual French English teachers in Cameroon, who are using mobile devices to access our asynchronous and synchronous content.   

It is too soon to make accurate predictions about the medium-term future of ELT but we predict that online is here to stay (which is why we moved quickly to be among the first 15 UK providers to request an extension of the British Council accreditation to include our online classes). We believe that hyper-specialisation will become more widespread, and our range of asynchronous and synchronous Occupation English Test courses demonstrate our commitment to this. Finally, we anticipate increasing demand for teacher teaching courses. We are, therefore, delighted to confirm the launch of our new Trinity College London Certificate for Practising Teachers (Cert PT): The Occupational English Test.  

Yes, that’s right. A teacher training course for teachers who want to specialise in the Occupational English Test. A wonderful fusion of the two areas which have provided sustained growth over the last year. We are very excited!  

What is the Cert PT? 

The Certificate for Practising Teachers is a Level-6 qualification awarded by Trinity College London. This means the course is placed between Certificate (Level 5) and Diploma (Level 7) ELT qualifications. The course supports the professional development of English language teachers and promotes the development of pedagogical knowledge and skills through an understanding of materials appropriate for a specific teaching context.  

For CELT, this means that our Cert PT: The Occupational English Test is ideal for practising teachers with a minimum C1 level of English who are already preparing students for the Occupational English Test or who want to start working in this area of Medical English.  

What does it include? 

The course is delivered entirely online and combines 30 hours of synchronous input and 70-hours of guided self-study.  

The course will help teachers to evaluate, adapt, create and reflect on their use of OET/medical English teaching resources.  

What makes it special? 

A key feature of the course is its strong emphasis on the individual context of each participant, which means the course will offer you the opportunity for personalisation, practical application to your teaching context, and guided critical reflection.  

How is it assessed? 

There are four assessment tasks that look at the evaluation, adaptation, creation, and reflection on the use of resources, informed by knowledge and insight. 

How can I do it? 

Please contact to discuss your interest in the course 

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