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Develop your English teaching skills!

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Develop your English teaching skills! Check out our Teachers’ Courses below.

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Student planning English project

Classroom projects are a great way to cater for different styles of learning as well as different levels when teaching English.

Here are 5 interactive and engaging project ideas for you to try with your students:

  1. Design comic strips

Students can plan, write, design and re-enact their own comic strips. Oxford University Press’ blog suggests using comics to teach English vocabulary and practice English speaking skills whilst re-enacting their comics!

Studying comics can also be a great way to teach English onomatopoeias.

English Comic book
  1. Create a poster or leaflets

Our English teachers use poster projects regularly with our closed group and young learner courses. Our students are asked to choose a topic (for example transport, food or education) and researching it by interviewing members of the public.

If you work with students who have a high level of English, you can take this idea a step further by asking them to create an informative leaflet.

English Poster about Cardiff
  1. Make a movie

Students can use their phones to plan, script, shoot and edit movies in English. They’ll need to use their planning, communication and English language skills to work together throughout the project.

I recommend using Kinemaster as it’s free on iOS and Android. Click here for some tips from ThoughtCo. on how to manage the process.

  1. Start a business

For this project, students can investigate strategies for marketing, finances, production and more before applying this to their new business.

Preply has suggested more activities for teaching Business English including writing CV’s and mock job interviews.

English Business Team
  1. Design an app

When designing an app students will need to identify a problem that the app will solve. The app can be for students, schools or the wider community.

The opportunities for students to be creative are endless!

English phone apps


Whatever project you choose, allocate time for each group to present their ideas to the class.

Students watching the presentation can ask questions before giving a huge round of applause to congratulate the presenting students on their hard work!

Develop your teaching skills! Check out our Teachers’ Courses below.

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