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Learn more about the most affordable city in the UK!

Cardiff and Wales
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Learn more about Cardiff and Wales!

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Having lived in Cardiff for 5 years as a student, I could talk to you all day about how amazing it is to study here!

For me, it is perfectly balanced. Cardiff offers great shopping opportunities as well as plenty of activities to do, as any capital city should, whilst having lots of beautiful gardens and parks to explore.

On top of all this, it’s really affordable and student friendly. NatWest have confirmed this by giving the title of ‘the most afforable city for students in the UK‘ to the Welsh capital city!

Click here to read what our students, staff and group leaders told us love about Cardiff.

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Student Living Index

Each year, NatWest conducts research for the Student Living Index, an independent review into the cost of living for students.

At the end of 2019, Cardiff was named the most affordable city in the UK as well as being recognised for improving the overall standard of living.

🥇 1st Cardiff 🥇

2nd Bristol

3rd Leicester

4th Southampton

5th Manchester

6th Norwich

7th Sheffield

8th Exeter

9th Belfast

Great news for students!

Not only is this great news for university students, but it’s also great for those who want to study English in the UK.

The high cost of living in places like London and Manchester can put some students off travelling to the UK to study.

But don’t let the perceived cost of living in major cities stop your dreams of travelling to the UK!

Student in Cardiff

We asked our students, staff and group leaders what they love about Cardiff. Check out our post: 12 Reasons To Study In Cardiff, Wales


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