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ciscle for young learners

We are looking forward to the launch of CISCLE (CELT International Summer Culture and Language Experience), our online programme for Young Learners, which starts on Monday 6 July 2020!

Our Director of Studies, Mike, is excited to be managing the new course:


“We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our CISCLE programme. There will be projects, activities and games! We will provide a safe environment where you can make new friends and enjoy the summer!”


find out more about ciscle

Student spotlight 

Our latest blog series highlights our students’ experience of studying with us. Molly, who has been posting the Student Spotlight blogs, has found the new project very entertaining:


“I’ve absolutely loved creating the Student Spotlight blog posts so far! It’s been lots of fun working with our students and reflecting on what they love about studying at CELT. What I enjoy the most is seeing old photos taken of students around Cardiff.”


british council accreditation 

We have been successful in gaining accreditation from the British Council for the teaching of online courses, pending inspection.

Many things may have changed over the last 27 years, but one thing remains the same;


The owners of the school, Greg and Grace, are determined to innovate and remain at the forefront of English Language Teaching whilst their commitment to providing quality remains the same.

Staff 1993

Greg and Grace are pictured with their team at the time of CELT was first recognised by the British Council for teaching face-to-face courses.

Greg and Grace are pictured with their some of current team as CELT is accredited by the British Council for teaching online courses.

live 10 minute tours

Experience Cardiff from anywhere around the world with our new 10 Minute Tours series on Instagram. For our first episode, we took a relaxing stroll around Bute Park, click here to see the highlights on IGTV.

Tune in next Tuesday at 2pm (UK time) to explore Cardiff Bay with Molly and help us decide where to take the 10 Minute Tour on the following week!

Bute Park
Cardiff Bay

JAMES (Jim) shields


“Grace and I were deeply saddened to hear the news of Jim Shields’ passing in June. Jim was Head of the International Academic Team at Cardiff and Vale College and worked for a short period many years ago at CELT.

Jim was such a kind person who always put everyone else first. We will never forget his warm personality and friendly smile. He always made people feel special and very comfortable in his presence.

Suffering from cancer, he was very positive until the end and was truly looking forward to overcoming his illness and seeing people again. In all reality, however, with the severity of his illness the task was nigh on impossible. But that never stopped Jim from believing he could overcome this obstacle and get through it.

We actually employed him at CELT for a short period to teach a group of Danish students in Swansea many years ago. As a teacher, he was both inspirational and motivational and had the unique gift of being able to encourage people to believe in themselves and have confidence in their ability.

He worked tirelessly for the ‘Learn English in Wales’ group and helped us arrange familiarisation trips for agents as well as teachers’ conferences some of which were held with his kind support at Cardiff & Vale College.

We are currently planning to remember him in some way via an award or scholarship and will post further details as and when they become available.

Finally, he will be very sadly missed by all of us at CELT.




Greg & Grace

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