Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Wise words indeed and especially so for an industry like ours where warnings about the future of General English and the need to diversify products for young learners have meant language schools need to innovate or risk death. Many language schools have proven themselves to be very innovative as a result of the pandemic, but here at CELT it is in our blood, hence the strength we were awarded in M2 (The management has clear objectives for the future of the organisation and has realistic plans to achieve them) of our last British Council inspection.

So how has the pandemic changed how we work?

Two important developments have been in the fields of Medical English/OET provision and in teacher training. We now offer these areas both face-to-face and online, with many organisations choosing to work with us fully online.

Medical English/OET

CELT was delighted to deliver a fully online medical English course for a group of Italian trainee doctors in Spring 2021, working in partnership with one of our agents. We delivered a free informational webinar about the importance of English as a medical lingua franca and from this recruited a closed group course of 2 hours per week over two months. As one of the course participants said “I have no suggestions to help you to improve the course because everything was perfect, and you’ve complied with our every desire. Only many thanks”
We are also currently working with two UK NHS Trusts to deliver OET (Occupational English Test) training for groups of overseas healthcare assistants who hope to become nurses in the UK and are delighted at the success we are having. The lead clinical trainer at one of our partner hospitals, the world-famous Papworth, wrote

“Working with CELT has allowed us to offer quality English language tuition to these staff, tailored to their individual needs. CELT has guided us…offering support and flexibility with a variety of modes of teaching and support”.

If you are interested in finding out about medical English or OET preparation, please get in touch [email protected] for a chat.

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