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My Experience at CELT Language School

Laura (19, Italy) studied IELTS Preparation and General English at CELT for 6 months in 2018/19. Here’s what she wrote about her experience of learning English with us:

My experience at CELT has been wonderful. I met students from all around the world and learnt about their cultures as well as about the British culture. The time I spent at CELT was a priceless experience, not only for the massive language improvements I had noticed during the months, but also for the extensive knowledge about the British culture that teachers taught to me.

Laura and her friend at Winter Wonderland

Laura and her friend in Winter Wonderland

Laura and her friend in the park


Laura and her friend in the park

Visiting Bath

Laura and other CELT students in Bath

Laura and her friends at Adventure Rooms

Laura and other CELT students at Adventure Rooms in Cardiff

Staff at CELT

Every member of the staff is always there to help you with your lessons, with your homework and with every kind of problem you could encounter.

Learning English

All the lessons are interactive and at the beginning of the course you are asked to undergo a language test to place you in a level which fits you perfectly.

Laura and her friends

Laura with friends

Laura and her friends in Bute Park

Laura and friends enjoying lunch in Bute Park

Social Programme

CELT is also great fun outside of class. Every week there is a different activity such as paintball, pizza night or ice-skating which can help you to reinforce the relationships with the other students and encourage you to use your English in new situations.


I chose to study at CELT because I needed an English certificate for the university and when I did my exam (IELTS) I did not have any problem at all. I had been training myself for six months, and also with some difficulties, at the end the improvements were incredible. I am now attending my first year at Cardiff University and I do not have any linguistic problem.

Lauras friends enjoying a break from class

Laura’s friends enjoying their break from class

Laura and her friend eating donuts in class

Everyone loves donuts in class!

Laura and her friends exploring Bath

Laura and other CELT students exploring the Roman Baths

Laura and her friends at Cardiff Bay


Laura with her friends in Cardiff Bay

Laura and her friends paintballing

Laura and other CELT students with Mike before paintballing

Laura and her friends enjoying food

Laura and other CELT students having food at Five Guys

I still know that even if I am not attending the school any more I can rely on CELT for everything. Also, this is the reason my sister attended the school for 1 month this summer (July 2019).

I strongly recommend CELT to everyone because it is an amazing learning centre and a great personal experience.

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