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Can you help me with extra practice materials for the OET exam?

This is surely one of the most common questions we hear about the OET exam. Many OET test takers (and probably you, if you are reading this post!) feel that there isn’t enough preparation material available for exam candidates.

So, can CELT help? The answer is yes! Read on and learn about the availability of materials and how CELT itself can assist you.

Practice Exams or Language Development. What’s better?

Good question! Many people are desperate for more exam practice but this is often a mistake.

For nearly all candidates, what they really need is material which focuses on improving healthcare related language skills. Think about it, if you wanted to learn to drive you would want to become a better driver by driving on many different types of roads, you wouldn’t only drive on the test route.

Success in OET is just the same: your real focus should be on improving your healthcare related language skills rather than repeatedly doing practice tests to prepare for the test. And this is particularly the case if your language level is too low to be test ready.

Student test

And now for the good news!

There are two new OET books on the market and we expect to see more in the future, giving you a good choice of materials for 2020.

OET is a partnership with Cambridge Assessment English so who better to help write an OET coursebook than Cambridge University Press? CUP’s new OET book, The Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing, has content which been approved by OET and has been described as a definitive pathway to test-day success from a team of highly experienced writers, experts in language teaching and OET. It provides valuable practice in all four language skills required for the test plus a detailed introduction to the test as well as two complete practice tests.

Many of you will also be familiar with the Kaplan Official Guide to OET. This has recently been updated in a second edition which reflects the changes made to the marking criteria of the Writing Task.

This new edition includes an updated and expanded writing chapter, focusing on guiding you to write letters that will not only score well on the test, but that will also be appropriate for use in real-life healthcare scenarios. This means that those who achieve a high score in the Writing Task are able to write effective letters in a professional, English-speaking, healthcare setting. The number of small errors in the first edition were corrected, including in the answer key.

(*This offer is valid until 31 December 2020. Full book price £38.83 (+VAT) plus P&P. ISBN: 9781108881647): you will be asked to enter this code on the Review Order page.

What about help with language that is commonly a problem in OET letters?

Many students and teachers have praised Grammar Booster for OET Nursing by Beth McNally and Anne MacKenzie published by ELTWorks If you are having issues with articles (a/an/the/zero article) when changing the case notes into full sentences, then this book is a great place to find help, with examples all taken from medical English.

I’ve seen material online but some of it doesn’t seem to be very good. How do I find good material?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of substandard material available on the Internet due to the absence of endorsed content and this is something that OET is addressing. For now, the best advice is to look for material on OET’s preparation portal (which includes practice tests) plus OET’s social media channels (@OfficialOET on Facebook) and from the 32 OET Premium Providers. These providers have access to a library of test materials that is only available to centres which have undertaken training from OET; Premium Providers are also trained to develop new writing and speaking practice tests and to encourage candidates to work on improving their healthcare language skills rather than just doing practice tests.

OET Preparation Portal

How can CELT help?

CELT is one of only three Premium Providers worldwide which is dual endorsed as a Premium centre for Nursing and Medicine so we have invested a lot of time and effort to understand how to prepare candidates well for the OET. We understand that you will want exam practice and we also make sure that you understand the importance of developing those healthcare related language skills which you need for success. As an expert from OET told me recently, “While I’d agree that having more practice tests available to students is important, I’d argue that more OET targeted language skill improvement is an even greater need”.

We offer a range of courses (now available online as well as face-to-face as soon as we can re-open the school safely) including OET Group Courses, One to One Tuition, an online self-study course for Doctors and Nurses and a Writing Correction Service. Find out more by visiting our OET page or by emailing me for more information

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    • Molly Zoglowek says:

      Hi Mina! There are a couple options for OET Online.

      – Self-study Reach OET B £79
      – OET one-to-one £45

      These can be bought separately or as a package. We find that our students benefit from having access to the 50+ hours of online materials in the Reach OET B supplemented by one or more one-to-one lessons where you can focus on your weak areas.

      If you have any questions or would like to book a course please email and my colleague Neil, a leader in OET tuition and writer of this blog, will be happy to help you.


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