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Do you like using games in your English classes? Who doesn’t! CELT teacher Sally shared one of her favourite spelling games with us. She sometimes uses it at the end of her lessons. Her students love it!

Here’s how it goes.

The aim of this game is to create the longest word possible. The teacher is a referee and decides when the word is completed depending on the level of students in class. 

  1. One student thinks of an English word (no names of people, cities, brands, etc., but any other word is acceptable) and says the first letter only.
  2. The student next to them must try to continue the word by saying a second letter. Of course, the second student doesn’t know the word chosen by student 1.
  3. Student 3 must say a third letter and so on around the class, trying to extend the word for as long as possible.
  4. If at any point a student thinks the student before them has made a spelling mistake, they can make a challenge. If it’s a correct challenge, the student with the mistake is out. For an incorrect challenge, the student who makes the challenge is out.
  5. When a word is completed, the student who completes it is out.
  6. The student remaining at the end is the winner!

 Be careful of little words like be/to/in which may form
part of a longer word, but are still complete in themselves.

You can find more and interesting and engaging games on British Council resources website as well, alternatively watch out for more to come on this blog!

Tell us about your favourite game. We’d love to hear from both teachers and students!

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