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what’s happening in Wales

This week the Welsh Government announced that Wales has the best vaccination rate in the UK with 72% of people having had their first jab and 52% now fully vaccinated. Wales also has the lowest number of Covid cases in the UK at present, so we are really proud of the progress we have made in fighting this disease. Shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas and various tourist attractions are now open again.

It was encouraging to see more places added to the ‘Green List‘ for international travel and it is hoped that when the UK government updates this list in July even more countries will be added. People from countries on the green list have the advantage of being able to come to the UK without having to quarantine on arrival.


Former CELT students open café in Cardiff

Two students who studied at CELT Language School and who made Cardiff their home have totally transformed a large building on Crwys Rd. into ‘Rhostio’, a designer coffee shop in a bustling part of the city.

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abdulRAHMAN’s AWESOME review

“If you are highly ambitious, eager to improve yourself and looking forward to pushing yourself, CELT is the right place to study”

Watch Abdulrahman’s full review.

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