Here at CELT, we offer the best possible English language programmes whilst creating a positive and learner-centred environment. We value all opinions from our students’ and use their feedback to continously improve our school for everyone.

Read what Luiza from Russia had to say about her experience of studying at CELT:

Luiza from Russia

Course:General English
Duration at CELT:4 months

Why are you studying English?

I want to improve my English so I can pass my IELTS exam and go to College in the UK to study Drama.

Why did you choose to study English with CELT?

My uncle and his family live in Cardiff and they recommended I study at CELT.

What do you like about studying at CELT?

I like that the teachers are very approachable and they explain everything in an accessible way and, moreover, they run many interesting activities.

What advice would you give to other students who want to improve their English?

Watch everything in English! Watch your favourite series in English, it is fun and very beneficial.

Luiza from Russia
Taken by Luiza from Russia
Luiza from Russia
Taken by Luiza from Russia

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