Here at CELT, we offer the best possible English language programmes whilst creating a positive and learner-centred environment. We value all opinions from our students’ and use their feedback to continously improve our school for everyone.

Read what Nikita from Italy had to say about their experience of studying at CELT:

Course:General English
Duration at CELT:2 weeks

Why are you studying English?

I’ve been studying English since the third year of elementary school, and I’m absolutely in love with this language and I graduated in 2019 in Tourism.

Why did you choose to study English with CELT?

Our class decided to study in Wales months before our departure; honestly, we didn’t know much about Cardiff, but when we came there we were really enthusiastic to visit a not-so-known-by-students city!

Caerdydd is in our hearts!

What do you like about studying at CELT?

I think I should say “our teachers’ competences” (because it’s true), but what made me integrate so much with all this brand new situation for me was their kindness.

They were all so gentle and helpful!

Read Nikita’s blog


Read Nikita’s blog


What advice would you give to other students who want to improve their English?

I noticed a good improvement in my English. If I have to be honest, I think there’s no better way to learn a language, but speaking it “on field”.

Having someone who doesn’t know your language (at all, or maybe just some words) makes you try even harder to learn English!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Cardiff is such a beautiful city, with such welcoming people and, think about it: if you study at CELT you’ll be in Wales, and this region offers you the possibility to learn not one language, but two!

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