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Read what Sena from Turkey had to say about their experience of studying at CELT:

Course:General English
Duration at CELT:6 months

Why are you studying English?

English is a very common language and most people speak English. İf we want to understand them or communicate with somebody we have to learn it.

Also, my department is Human Resources Management. Sometimes we can read articles or we have to speak with people who work with us.

Why did you choose to study English with CELT?

When I decided to go to UK, I started to research courses. CELT is familiar to me. I have been to Cardiff before. I love Cardiff. So I decided to study in Cardiff and at CELT and I’m so happy with this decision!

What do you like about studying at CELT?

I liked the activities which CELT organises with all students. These activities are really good and we can meet with all students. Your dorm is comfortable and the atmosphere is also good.

Of course no need to mention the friendliness, the CELT experience, CELT teachers and CELT education 🙂

I fell in love. thank you for everything.

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What have you achieved since studying at CELT?

After studying at CELT, I believed myself. I can speak English. I found a job at Hyundai where we have to speak English with Korean managers and prepare reports in English.

Also, My self-confidence increased.

Finally, I understood that I can live abroad wherever I want.

What advice would you give to other students who want to improve their English?

Continuous learning is very important. 6 Months is not short to learn English, of course, but I recommend that if you have a chance to study morning and afternoon classes, then go to these lessons. And activities are important because you can talk more.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Cardiff is a beautiful city and you can learn about a different culture.

Welsh people are so friendly. If you want to improve your English, every time you can go to the parks and you can ask “how is the weather today” 🙂 they will always answer your questions and soon your English will be perfect 🙂

Thank you for all. İt was a great time for me.

Sena from Turkey
Sena from Turkey

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