While the view of a runway may seem perfect for plane spotters staying at an airport hotel, UK and Irish nationals arriving home today from one of 33 countries on the ‘Red List‘ will now have to quarantine for 10 days in one of the government-sanctioned airport hotels and pay £1,750.00 to cover the cost of the hotel and testing, whether they like the view or not!

It’s a great pity this wasn’t done a lot sooner as the UK could have avoided the accolade of having one of the highest national death tolls, globally speaking.

On the positive side, the UK has now administered 15 million coronavirus vaccine doses which was the target set by the government to reach everyone in its top four priority groups by February 15.

These measures along with the successful rollout of the vaccine will hopefully reduce the spread of the virus and allay visitors’ concerns that steps are being taken to safeguard people coming from abroad to the UK for travel, work, or study purposes.

That is my hope anyway…

A room with a view
Source: BBC News

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